Quality food, locally sourced

The Passage Pantry was built on a passion for food, sustainability and community, with these values being at the core of everything we do. We choose to work with mostly local producers and farmers that care as much about our planet as we do, so that we can provide seasonal and fresh products for our local community.

We truly believe that sustainable food and drink should never compromise on quality or taste and should be affordable and accessible for everyone who want exceptional quality products.

Our Producers

Artisan Food & Drink Shop Islington, London

Welcome to The Passage Pantry! your local one-stop-shop for sustainable and ethically sourced produce. We have proudly been providing the community of Islington and its surrounding areas with some of the very best artisanal goods available in the area; taking full advantage of local providers who share our same passion for artisanal and sustainable fare. We actively choose to work with mostly local farmers and producers, who are some of the best in their industry, providing fresh and seasonal products year round. We believe that living sustainably should never mean compromising on quality.

With more and more of our community becoming environmentally conscious, we have seen a significant increase in requests for ethically sourced food and drink. When we opened The Passage Pantry’s doors to the public in Islington, we did so with three core values in mind: a passion for food, sustainability and community. Because of these commitments, over the years we have seen many members of our community come through our doors to take their first of many steps towards sustainability, and are extremely proud and honoured to be able to provide this integral service to the people of Islington and their loved ones.

Artisan Store Islington

At The Passage Pantry, our mission above all is to make artisanal goods accessible, affordable and sustainable – all whilst never ever compromising on quality and taste. We believe that everyone should be able to access exceptional quality produce, no matter what, which is why we also offer same-day online delivery to areas within our 2 mile radius! We also believe that we should always take advantage of the local resources where we can, which is why we proudly supply only the very freshest and in-season produce and products.

Our huge selection of artisanal products range from cupboard essentials, fresh produce and teas & coffees, all the way to herbs & spices, charcuteries and conserves! No matter your taste or preference, we promise that all of our products are created and packaged with the utmost care and consideration for you, your health, and the environment.